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26 July 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 26 July 2015
Morning Prayer

Psalm 146

This psalm is one of praise to God who is trustworthy – more than princes: more than mortals. Our God sets prisoners free and cares for orphans and widows.

Acts 14: 20b – 15: 4

In Derbe, Paul and Barnabas make many disciples. They return to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch strengthening the disciples there and encouraging them in the faith. They proclaim that persecutions are part of the faith journey. They continue on to other towns bringing the good news and then return again to Antioch where they stay for some time.

Paul and Barnabas in are in Antioch. Some people come from Judea and say that unless the people of other nations are circumcised according to Mosaic Law they cannot be saved. They debate with Paul and Barnabas who decide to go to Jerusalem. They are welcomed and give a full report of all the God has done through them.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Suspension Bridge in the Forest
Nannup National Park WA
2014 L Osburn

Lord Jesus Christ, without you there would be no mission to other nations bringing the news of God’s great love and faithfulness. Be with us every step of faith journey, encourage us and uphold us when persecuted so that we may proclaim your great news in the actions of our everyday lives through you Jesus Christ our Lord and redeemer. Amen.

Sunday 26 July 2015
Evening Prayer

2 Samuel 11: 16 – 27

Joab places Uriah the Hittite, the husband of Bathsheba, in the front line of fighting, close to the city wall opposing valiant warriors of the Ammonites. Uriah and other good fighters are killed. Joab sends a messenger to David to tell him of the progress of the battle. Joab is prepared for a criticism from the king about his strategy and that clearly the force is too close to the wall.  Joab specifically instructs the messenger to tell the king that Uriah is dead.

David’s message back is muted acknowledging that in battle the sword does not discriminate who it kills. David encourages Joab to press on with the attack.

Bathsheba mourns the death of her husband. When the mourning is over David sends for her, makes her his wife and she has a son.

Psalm 145: 10 – 18

This psalm praises and blesses God for all the great acts of creation, mercy, salvation, awesome acts, steadfast love, compassion, and might. What God has done proclaims the glory of the kingdom. That kingdom will endure forever.

On a more personal level God is faithful, gracious, upholds people while they are falling, raises up people who are oppressed. God provides as required, in time and with justice. God hears, saves and watches us. God is near to those who call.

Ephesians 3: 1 – 12

Paul is in prison because of his ministry to reveal the mystery of Christ and the knowledge that people of all nations are now heirs of God’s promise through Jesus Christ. This is Paul’s ministry and he does not want the people of Ephesus to lose heart because he is imprisoned, instead to be bold and confident in their faith.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Climbing the Great Gloucester Tree
Pemberton WA 2014 L Osburn
Holy and compassionate God, your actions bring creation, love, compassion and salvation. You are faithful and uphold us when we fail and raise us when we are oppressed. Give us confidence and boldness to hold firmly to our faith against opposition and in times when we fail. Keep our hearts open so that we may always come to you, call on you and feel you near us through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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