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18 June 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Thursday 18 June 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 107: 1 – 22

Whether we are lost in a dry place, imprisoned or sick we are encouraged to “cry to the Lord whose steadfast love endures forever”.

1 Samuel 17: 1 – 23

The Philistines gather for battle at Socoh. Goliath a giant of a warrior is their champion and challenges Israel to bring forward an equal to fight him. The winner rules the land. Three of David’s brothers are serving in Saul’s army. David shares his time between Saul and his father’s property. Jesse, David’s father asks him to take food supplies to his brothers and their commander. He goes, leaves the food with the keeper of the baggage and joins his brothers at the front. He hears Goliath’s challenge.

Acts 10: 34 – 48

Peter understands that God shows no partiality and in every nation anyone who fears God and does what is right is acceptable to God.

Peter tells those gathered at Caesarea how God sent the message to the Israelites through Jesus that God is Lord of all. Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power. The message spread through healing, works and removing oppression of the spirit. Peter and his companions are witnesses. Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead. The people who knew him saw him. He commanded them to preach and to testify that Jesus is ordained by God to judge the living and the dead.

While Peter is speaking the Holy Spirit comes on everyone. The believers are astounded that the Holy Spirit is given to the people from other nations. They begin speaking in tongues. Peter asks, “Can anyone withhold the water for baptising these people who have received the Holy Spirit just as we have?” He orders them to be baptised.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Chapel Mission to Seafarers
Gladstone Qld 2015 L Osburn
Loving and steadfast God you sent us your son to be our eternal champion. Fill us with thanks and adoration, confidence and humility so that we do what is right and link with and support people from other nations who are acceptable to you through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Thursday 18 June April 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 107: 23 – 43

We are reminded that faithfulness leads to hope and pride to being brought low. We are to call on the Lord for our great provision.

Sirach 14: 20 – 15: 8

Happy is the person who meditates on wisdom and reasons intelligently and who shelters their children with wisdom.

Those who revere the Lord and hold to the law will be fed with wisdom and be able to speak confidently to the people.

Wisdom is not available to the foolish, those who sin, the arrogant or liars.

2 Corinthians 12: 6 – 13

Paul says his weakness, which he has prayed about will stay with him for God has said to him, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” Paul will therefore boast about his weakness so that the power of God can dwell in him and he will be content in his weakness and continue to suffer insults, hardship and calamities.

Paul again says the Corinthians should be condemning him for his foolishness. He really isn’t inferior to the “super-apostles”. He performed all the signs of a true apostle with patience: signs and mighty works. He asks how can they be worse off than other places except that he has not made them pay for him. With some irony he asks their forgiveness for not burdening them.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Black Cockatoo
Harrietville Vic 2015 L Osburn
Generous and compassionate God you know that every day we struggle to do the best we can to fight our pride and to seek your wisdom. Help us see that sometimes our best qualities, like generosity, can be faults. Help us to learn from the consequences with patience and to grow in wisdom and compassion so that we accept and appreciate your deep and abiding love for us through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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