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15 May 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 15 May 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 37: 1 – 17

There are people who do evil and prosper. Their presence is a challenge to us to choose faith, to do good things, to stay calm, to not get angry or envious of their wealth. Stay with the Lord and be patient. It is their story and God’s job if they continue to reject him.

Deuteronomy 1: 1 – 21

In the fortieth year of the wandering in the wilderness Moses speaks to all the people. He reminds them of the social hierarchical structure put in place to manage the great many of the people and the principles of justice and fairness that underpin this society. He lets them know that now is the time to approach and hold the Promised Land with no fear and no dismay.

John 15: 12 – 25

Jesus’s commandment to his disciples is that they love one another as Jesus has loves them. Jesus calls the disciples friends for he tells them what he does, he chooses them and appoints them to bear everlasting fruit.

Jesus prepares them to have difficult times ahead – to be hated by the world and persecuted. He prepares them for success through those who keep Jesus’s word and will also respond to the disciples.

Jesus says that if he had not come we would be unaware of our sins. But since he is here, we are aware and have no excuse. If people hate Jesus even though they have seen the works he did, they hate God too. He ends by quoting scripture that prophesied that he would be hated without cause.

Collect for Morning Prayer

In the gale and fearless
Lake Mulwala NSW 20215 L Osburn
Almighty and ever-loving God, you have said we are to be patient and to trust in you in our world were evil appears to prosper, where we feel angry and distressed at the injustice and sin we experience around us. You tell us to keep loving each other as you loved us: to not lose faith. Remind us again deep in our hearts that you call us friends so that we may leave the really bad things to you, have no fear, feel no dismay love those around us and get on with your purpose of bearing everlasting fruit through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Friday 15 May April 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 37: 18 – 41

This portion of the psalm continues with examples of God’s retribution for the wicked and protection and salvation for the faithful and the meek.

Judges 8: 1 – 3 and 22 – 35

After the victory Gideon is asked to be the ruler. He refuses saying that only God rules. He takes a token of gold from all the tribal leaders and turns it into an ephod for the high priest. Peace reigns until Gideon dies then the people return to worshipping other gods.

1 Corinthians 10: 23 – 11: 1

The meat in the market place sometimes came from animals that had been offered as a sacrifice to a God. If Christians buy meat he says do not inquire where the meat came from lest we offend others. Equally if we are invited for dinner, don’t ask where the meat came from so that we do not offend the host. But if the host tells us this was sacrificed to a god we are bound not to eat it not only so as not feel constrained and conflicted in ourselves but so as not to lose our reputation of believing in one God.

In summary, do everything you do to the glory of God. Don’t offend people no matter their beliefs and don’t act for your own benefit but so that others may be brought to salvation.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Lake Mulwala
NSW 2015 L Osburn
Holy and almighty God you win the victories that matter. Help us reflect on our actions today. Help us to give thanks for those times we praised you and not a human leader and for those times we made decisions based on conscience. Help us to recognise and acknowledge our small acts of obedience and faithfulness so that we may rest in your loving arms and be refreshed for the days ahead in your service through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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