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20 March 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 20 March 2015
Morning Prayer

Psalm 48

This psalm praises Mt Zion City of God its walls and grandeur. Moreover, it is the place where God can be found and kings approaching fall and fail once they recognise God dwells here. In the temple the people ponder God’s steadfast love and praise God’s name throughout the earth. The psalmist tells us to come to the holy city, walk around; go into the citadels so that we can tell our children and their children that this God, our God will be our guide forever.

Exodus 4: 27 – 6: 1

Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh and ask for the Hebrews to be allowed three days off to worship God. This is denied and instead Pharaoh increases the workload of the Hebrews – they have to source the straw as well as make the bricks and still keep their production at the same level.
The oppression is great and the supervisors complain to Pharaoh who calls them lazy. They complain to Moses who asks God. God reasserts that the Hebrews will be freed and Pharaoh’s behaviour means that God’s hand will be revealed.

Luke 19: 11 – 27

Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem, some hope to be crowned King, but he is not. He tells part of the parable to help them understand he will instead go away and return some time in the future, as the King and judgement will come to those who reject God. The second part of the parable is for those who are faithful, to get on with building the Kingdom and doing the work. Doing it cautiously is fine. Doing nothing is not acceptable.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Stephen's Creek Reservoir, near Broken Hill NSW
2015 L Osburn
O God of the amazing and astounding, you work with us as co-creators of freedom and your kingdom. You know and have shown us that there is and will be opposition. Help us visualise your kingdom and put ourselves in it so that we are motivated to invest in that future now and bring our children and grandchildren and those we care about into the great project with through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Friday 20 March 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 49

This is a riddle psalm / song.
Bow down everyone everywhere. Why should we worry about persecutors or the wealthy? No one can live forever. The wise and foolish die too. All possessions are left to others. Mortals can’t abide all the pomp of life – we will die. Those who are pleased with their lot will die. But God will ransom my soul and receive me.

Don’t be afraid when someone becomes richer and they are happy in their life. They and they ancestors will be gone. Mortals can’t abide all the pomp of life – we will die.

Jeremiah 38: 14 – 28

Zedekiah has a private conversation with Jeremiah at the temple. He promises not to kill Jeremiah and wants to know the prophecy. Zedekiah tells Jeremiah his fears.  Jeremiah is clear and reassures Zedekiah that if he surrenders to the Chaldeans he will live. If not, he will die, the women and children will be led out to the invading army and Jerusalem will burn. Zedekiah knows Jeremiah will be questioned about the conversation so they set up a cover story. Jeremiah is questioned. The cover story is plausible so he is safe.

Hebrews 13: 7 – 17

The writer encourages the people to focus of Christ as the teacher and guide for their lives. He saws not to worry about dietary laws since we are fed by grace. We are to know that Christ was the sacrifice and to not get caught up in rituals but to give thanks and praise, do good to others and share what we have.

Collect for Evening Prayer

The ruin of St Stephens Church of England
Silverton NSW 2015 L Osburn
Holy and almighty Lord, who came to us and died as a sacrifice for our sin, sit with us now in a time of quiet reflection. Help us come “outside the tent” and take our eyes off riches, power, form and ritual and focus on being obedient to you, so that we may in all times, circumstances and places care for our neighbours and give you thanks, praise and honour through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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