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13 March 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 13 March 2015
Morning Prayer

Psalm 35: 1 – 17

This section of the psalm asks for God to contend with personal enemies: those who fight, who devise evil, who ensnare, who are malicious witnesses, who repay good for evil and, who mock. The psalmist asks, “say to my soul ‘I am your salvation’ ” (v.3).

Genesis 49: 22 – 50: 6

Jacob continues describing his offspring: Joseph, who was strengthened by God and set apart and Benjamin “a ravenous wolf in the morning devouring the prey”. Jacob blesses them all appropriate to their character. He asks to be buried in Canaan. When Jacob dies Joseph has him embalmed and returns his father’s body to Canaan with Pharaoh’s permission.

Luke 17: 1 – 19

Jesus acknowledges that his followers will do the wrong thing but it is worse to cause a person new to faith to stumble. Jesus says that when any of them do the wrong thing and repent they must be forgiven. The disciples ask for more faith. Jesus lets them know the little they have is enough. Then there is a section about our lives of service; we will do our tasks without boasting until the work is done.

Jesus heals ten lepers. Only one of them returns to say thanks: a Samaritan. His faith is recognised.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Ventilation Shaft North Mine
Doesn't look pretty but keeps people alive
day and night in all weather.
Broken Hill 2014 L Osburn
 Lord of compassion and grace you teach us humility, perseverance, forgiveness, faith and thankfulness. Help us to have a long life in your grace and to take on your love as an armour and shield against people, thoughts and concerns that assail us. Help us to forgive those who earnestly repent knowing that we too are not perfect. Help us to get on with your work step-by-step so that when the work is done all praise and glory and honour are yours through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Friday 13 March 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalms 35: 18 – 29 and 36

The end of the first psalm continues the plea for God to contend with personal enemies and vows to praise God when the psalmist is vindicated.

The second psalm describes the character of those who are wicked. It then describes the character of God “For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light”(v.9). The psalm ends in a plea for steadfast love and salvation.

Jeremiah 34: (1 – 7) 8 – 22

Jeremiah tells King Zedekiah that the city will be overtaken. Zedekiah will be taken into exile and die in pace there with an appropriate funeral. Zedekiah made a proclamation that all slaves be freed for no one should hold another in slavery. The people obeyed then after a while took all the slaves back. There was also a law that once every 7 years slaves must be freed- but the ancestors did not listen to that law. The recent freeing was acknowledged as repentance but the taking back is disobedience. The prophesy from Jeremiah is that Jerusalem and its people will suffer an even worse fate all the cities of Judah will burn.

Hebrews 11: 13 – 28

The writer continues with the list of the faithful who saw God’s future, God’s promise and lived their lives faithfully: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Sunset cloud reflections
Ceduna SA 2014

Holy Lord, you are the fountain of all life, freedom, hope and future. Help us to reflect on our day, to notice the times we called on your light to see clearly, remove oppression, forgive and step out in faith, so that we, encouraged and strengthened, do the same tomorrow and tomorrow, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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