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8 February 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 8 February 2015
Morning Prayer

Psalm 139: 1 - 18

The psalmist loves, reveres and understands the majesty and ever-presence of God. This is a psalm of reverence and awe.

John 4: 43 – 54

Jesus leaves Samaria and goes to Galilee where this time he is welcomed since the people had been to Jerusalem for the festival and seen his works.

He comes to Cana and there a royal official, not a Jew, asks Jesus to heal his critically ill son. Jesus challenges the man on belief, that his belief is based on seeing signs and wonders not on faith. The man asks again, Jesus tells him that his son will live. The man believes Jesus’s word, returns home and is met with the message that the child is well. The official and his entire household become believers.

Collect for Morning Prayer

In the quiet
Harrietville Vic 2015 L Osburn
Holy Lord you know us from our innermost being. The wonders of your creation are beyond measure. Your thoughts are precious and awesome. Be with us today. Help us take some time to sit in reverent awe of you praising you through every fibre of our being through Jesus Christ our saviour and your Holy Spirit in our hearts, Amen.

Sunday 8 February 2015
Evening Prayer

Genesis 4: 1 – 16

The first man and woman begin to have children. Eve acknowledges God’s assistance in reproduction. The first, Cain, is a farmer. The second, Abel, herds animals. Cain brings an offering to God. Abel brings the firstlings and their fat portions as an offering. Cain perceives that his offering is not accepted and gets angry. God warns him that if Cain does well he will be accepted and if he doesn’t sin lurks ready to pounce so mastery of sin is what is needed.

Abel he asks Cain where Abel is. Cain deflects, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The Lord lets Cain know that Abel’s blood bears witness in the ground. Cain will no longer be able to till the soil. He is to wander the earth. Cain is concerned others will kill him. God gives him a mark and promises that those who harm him will receive seven-fold vengeance. Cain goes from the presence of God towards the East to a different land.

Psalm 147: 12 – 20

The city of the faithful is charged to praise the Lord: for itself, the safety of the children, the peace. This God who controls all the weather looks after us. No other God is like our God.

1 John 3: 7– 14

We are not to let anyone lead us astray. Those who behave righteously are righteous. Those who continue to sin are led by the devil who has been sinning from the beginning. Jesus appeared to destroy the devil’s work. If we are born of God we will cease sinning. We are to stop sinning and love each other. We are not to act like Cain.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Hen and juvenile King Parrots
Harrietville 2015 L Osburn
Holy Lord from the beginning you are gracious and merciful. Lead us all the days of our lives in all our actions so that we demonstrate our love for each other and show the world that our lives are full of thanks and praise for you through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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