Thursday, 19 February 2015

20 February 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 20 February 2015
Morning Prayer

Psalms 114 and 115

First, the psalmist recalls the exodus and crossing of the sea and the Jordan: that the natural world moved and changed to suit God’s purpose. The second psalm starts praising God for faithful and constant expression of love. The psalmist ridicules the idol-makers who like their idols may have the physical senses (eyes, ears, noses…) but make no use of them. God is contrasted as a sensing and active presence worthy to be trusted. The psalmist blesses the hearer of the psalm.

Genesis 37: 25 – 38: 11

Some of Joseph’s brothers plot to sell him to a caravan of traders. Reuben however, returned to the pit to retrieve Joseph he was already gone. The brothers covered Joseph’s coat in goat blood and returned to their father claiming the young man was dead – in reality he was alive in Egypt. Jacob grieves.

The next section deals with Judah and the circumstance surrounding the death of his two eldest sons.

Luke 10: 38 – 11: 4

Jesus visits the house of Martha and Mary. Martha labours and Mary listens. Jesus makes Martha aware of her worries and distractions and suggests listening is a better option. Jesus is asked and teaches the disciples the Lord’s Prayer.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Kookaburra in the Maple
Harrietville Vic 2015 L Osburn
God of concrete reality, you are the only God who cares for us, cares for relationships, teaches us, asks us to listen and turns bad circumstances into a better world. Help us listen to you today, to hear your voice in prayer and moments of silence so that our lives may be calm and show that you are the better part through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Friday 20 February 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalms 116 and 117

The first psalm gives thanks to God for healing. Even when he is profoundly depressed the psalmist trusts in God. The second psalm is a global call to praise God.

Jeremiah 23: 23 40

Jeremiah reveals God’s knowledge of all things and displeasure in prophets who: tell of their dreams and use their own interpretations and claim their dreams are from God or who take other’s prophesies and dress them as their own using a phrase of the day, in this case “the burden of the Lord”.

Hebrews 1: 13 2: 9

The writer argues the case for accepting Jesus as the bringer of our salvation. We know Jesus was human and his words, his wonders and miracles were to guide us to salvation. This is the task of the angels. So we had better pay attention and not pass up this chance for salvation. And as ancient scripture asks – who is man that God cares for us? Christ came, was made less than an angel and now sits at the right hand side of God and because of his suffering and death salvation is made available to all.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Sun shower in the desert
Combat NSW 2015 L Osburn

Oh God of salvation, you alone are trustworthy, your word alone is to be believed. In the still of this evening wash us and refresh us with your word, Christ our Lord so that we paying close attention may hear and transform our lives to your glory and honour and majesty through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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