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10 December 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Wednesday 10 December 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 92 and 93

In the first psalm God’s faithfulness and steadfast love is praised. On this occasion enemies have failed in some other place and are no more. Everything has been restored. The righteous people prosper.

In the second psalm God’s greatness is praised – more powerful than floods, more powerful than the seas. God’s commandments are sure and God lives in holiness.

Isaiah 8: 5 – 9: 1

Isaiah prophesies that Assyria will come like a great flood and sweep all before it including Judah. People will have all sorts of theories and plans and God’s way will be what happens. Isaiah and his family will stay calm. Whereas those who have other beliefs will find themselves wandering hungry, with no guidance looking up and looking down and cursing their gods. They will experience darkness. For those who were in anguish during the Babylonian rule, their gloom will be no more.

Mark 7: 24 – 37

Jesus goes to Tyre for a break and stays in a house – but he can not help being noticed. A woman whose daughter has an unclean spirit comes, kneel down and begs him to cast the demon out from her daughter. The woman is not a Jew but part Syrian part Phoenician. Jesus says it isn’t fair to take the children’s food and give it to the puppies (the household pets). She immediately responds that even the puppies get the crumbs. Jesus says she may go and that her daughter is healed.

Jesus returns by a roundabout route to the area of the Decapolis on the east of the Jordan. A man who has impaired hearing and speech is brought to him. Jesus takes him aside, prays and touches the affected areas. The man hears and speaks plainly. Although Jesus tells people to stay quite they are so amazed they cannot help spreading news of what he does.

Collect for Morning Prayer

King parrot
Harrietville Vic 2014 L Osburn
Wonderful and awesome God your compassion and care for us is everlasting. We thank you that we are all in your household and that through your son we are no longer house pets but your children by adoption. Being healed is news: being made your child is the great news. Lift up our hearts as your healing did in the Decapolis. Help us be so full of wonder and joy we cannot help telling people of your greatness and love for us all, everywhere through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday 10 December 2014
Evening Prayer

Psalm 94

The psalmist calls people to remember that God does can and will act for the righteous. We are all reminded that nothing is hidden from God who formed all ears, all types of eyes. Will God not be able to see or hear what we are up to? The psalmist writes that disciplined believers are blessed, that the Lord is there for them and consoles. The Lord helps.

Isaiah 44: 24 – 45: 8

In Isaiah’s prophecy the Lord’s credibility and history are recalled.  That the Lord uses Cyrus the Assyrian to achieve the restoration of Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the temple, why would we be amazed? Even though Cyrus does not know God, God is with him in all his endeavours. There is only one God for everyone. May righteousness shower down, the earth open and salvation spring up and more righteousness sprout.

2 Thessalonians 2

Paul explains that the day of the Lord though immanent is not here because we know that the lawless one who opposes all gods but places itself at the centre of people’s worship has not yet fully arrived. Jesus will destroy this lawless one. Meanwhile Satan is using all forms of trickery on those who refuse to love the truth and be saved. These people will be caught in false beliefs and will eventually be condemned.

He goes on to say we need to give thanks that by the grace of God they have salvation through sanctification of the Spirit of God. They are encouraged to stand firm in their beliefs.  Paul prays that their hearts are comforted and that they are strengthened in their good work and ministry of the word.

Collect for Evening Prayer

New magnolias opening
Harrietville Vic 2014 L Osburn
Holy and magnificent God, you see and know everything and work through everyone, even those who do not know you to achieve your purposes and love for us. Open our hearts to give you thanks and praise. Help us stand firm in our love for you. Comfort and strengthen us in all we do in our daily ministries, honest dealing and sharing your word through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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