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29 November 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Saturday 29 November 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 69: 1 – 16

This psalmist is a lowly servant of the Lord and his zeal, his fasting and wearing sackcloth; cause him to be the butt of jokes and ridicule. The psalmist receives all the derision his tormentors have for God. He pleads for deliverance and praises God.

Malachi 3: 13 – 4: 6

Malachi says that the Lord charges the people with speaking harshly against God. They have done this by saying that it is vain to serve God and keep the commandments when the rich are happy and the evil prosper and when they put God to the test, they escape.

All the names of those who revere the Lord are written in the book of remembrance. The Lord says that all these will be spared. When God comes the evildoers will be stubble and the remembered will go out skipping like calves from the stall. We are to keep the teaching of Moses. Elijah will come before the great day and turn parents and children towards each other. As a result the land will be free from any curse.

Mark 3: 19b – 35

Jesus and the disciples go home but the crowd gathering is so big they cannot even eat. Jesus attends to the people and his family complain about his selflessness. Meanwhile the scribes who came from Jerusalem state that he must be possessed by a powerful evil demon since he casts out demons. Jesus explains that Satan cannot cast out Satan. A kingdom divided falls.

Jesus elaborates: a strong person can only be robbed if stronger provides restraint. Jesus then says whoever blasphemes against him will be forgiven but those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit are guilty of eternal sin.

Jesus’ family come to see him and when Jesus is told he replies, “Who are my mother and brothers?” and indicates that all who do the will of God are Jesus’ mother and brothers.

Collect for Morning Prayer

New Norcia
Benedictine Community WA
2104 L Osburn

Holy Lord, you love us and send us to do your will in this world. You know too that others will use our behaviours as a vehicle to deride you. When this happens help us to stay calm and focused on you and honour the Holy Spirit in everyone, which can by your grace, break through and bring them to you and your love through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Saturday 29 November 2014
Evening Prayer

Psalms 69: 17 – 23 (24 – 30) 31 – 38

The psalmist praises the Lord and is suffering from insults and dishonour. When he goes for counsel and support the response is bitter, and heart-breaking – no real compassion. The psalmist is very angry, he wants God’s wrath to destroy and punish, but he leaves that anger with and for God. The psalmist praises God, who unlike a God in the form of a bull, will listen. The psalmist ends in praise and a plea to God to come quickly.

Wisdom 18: 14 – 24

Through God’s word a plague came down like a warrior and struck down the Israelites in the desert. But Aaron offered prayers for the people. By these words, words of prayer, the avenger was stopped. The priestly robes are symbols of the world, the glory of the ancestors and God’s majesty.

Revelation 13: 11 - 18

A second beast rises from the land and by all manner of trickery causes people to worship the first beast. It even has the ability to make an image of the first beast and make it move and destroy people. This second beast marks people on their hands or foreheads with a number that means they are permitted to buy or sell. This number is called “the number of the beast”.

Collect for Evening Prayer

In the garden
Mandurah WA 2014 L Osburn
Holy Lord you are the one who brings justice and truth and light to the world. Through prayer we are able to talk with you and request your help in times of plague and other upheavals. Be with us all.  Remind us to pray always so that we enable your blessings and your safety to come to all your people now and forever through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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