Saturday, 27 September 2014

28 September 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 28 September 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 96

Sing praise to the Lord! Ascribe to God the glory of creation. Let everything, the heavens, the trees, everything sing and praise God. Worship the Lord in the beauty of his holiness. For the Lord comes to judge the earth in righteousness and truth.

Matthew 19: 23 – 30

Jesus says to the disciples how hard it is for a rich person to come to heaven. The disciples astounded question this. Jesus says it is hard for the person who is rich but for God anything is possible. The disciples then ask, what about those who have left behind everything to follow Christ. Jesus explains that they will have position of esteem at the time of judgement and everyone who follows Jesus will receive back much more: eternal life.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Juvenile Kookaburra Early Morning
Beside the Blackwood River
WA 2014 L Osburn

Holy and gracious Lord you have made everything seen and unseen. Neither you nor your gifts of grace are commodities to be gained. We are not in an economic relationship with you. Help us be still and calm. Help us worship you in the beauty of your holiness just because you are and not for any gain, not even for the hope of eternal life. Still us Lord, so that our hearts can grasp this and overflow with joy and praise for you through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Sunday 28 September 2014
Evening Prayer

Exodus 18: 5 – 24

Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro arrives with Moses’ wife and his two sons. Jethro hears all the stories of God’s deliverance and help. Jethro, a high priest, rejoices an all the things God is doing for Israel.

Jethro, watches Moses and proposes that to avoid burn-out, Moses delegates the judging of cases and teaching the law in a structured manner in the community. Moses follows Jethro’s advice.

Psalm 25: 1 – 9

This psalm is partly a plea for protection from personal enemies. The psalmist asks for guidance, mercy and forgiveness and to be taught God’s way and truth.

Romans 15: 14 – 22 (23 – 29) 30 – 33

Paul writes that he has confidence in the Romans and that he has written to them boldly in places just to remind them of some points of belief and practice. Paul talks of what Christ has accomplished through him in word, deed, power of signs and wonders. His mission has been to those who have never heard of Christ and fulfils a prophecy of Isaiah. This has delayed him visiting Rome.

Paul tells the Romans that he is on his way to Jerusalem to share the resources of the new believers in other countries with the poor Christians in Jerusalem. He asks for their prayers to be delivered from the unbelievers in Judea and to be able to come to Rome. Paul blesses them.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Path Beside the Blackwood River
WA 2014 L Osburn 
Great and generous God you have sent to us people to guide and teach us how to do your will without burn-out and how to keep on track with our beliefs and behaviour with each other. Keep our ears and hearts open to your guidance through those people you send to us so that we may hear your voice, follow your path and do your will through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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