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19 August 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Tuesday 19 August 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 110 and 111

The first psalm is about the new king, who sits beside God, who defeats the enemies of God, whose rule extends beyond Zion and who, on coronation has priest privileges. The second praises God for great deeds, honour, majesty, enduring righteousness and mercy. God has sent us redemption. Respecting God is the beginning of wisdom.

2 Chronicles 29: 15 – 30

The Levites gather together and go into the temple. They remove everything that is unclean and take it out of the city. From the front they systematically clean and sanctify the temple. It takes 16 days. They tell King Hezekiah who rises early the next day calling for sin and burnt sacrifices. While the burnt sacrifice occurs he has cymbals, harps, lyres and trumpets play the song to the Lord. Everyone worships, people sing. When the burnt offering is finished they bow and the Levites sing praises to the Lord, bow and worship.

Acts 18: 18 – 28

Paul with Priscilla and Aquila goes to Syria. In Ephesus he discusses in the synagogue, is welcomed and says he needs to move on but will return. He travels to Caesarea and up to Jerusalem to the church there then to Galatia and beyond.
Meanwhile Apollos from Alexandria arrives in Ephesus. He knows scripture, speaks well, is enthusiastic but has limited knowledge of Christ. Aquila and Priscilla speak with him to fill out his knowledge so that he can better present the Way of God. Apollos is encouraged in his ministry to go to Achaia. While he is there he helps the believers since he is able to powerfully refute the Jews in public and show that the Messiah is Jesus.

Collect for Morning Prayer

The Cathedral of the Karri Forest
WA 2014 L Osburn
 Magnificent Lord, through the record of faithful people you show us the importance of preparing to come to your presence, to worship you using the psalms and music, to know our scripture, to learn of Christ in community with believers, to be enthusiastic and to strengthen others in their faith. Help us Lord to carve out time every day to do these things so that our lives are examples of living worship and service to you through Jesus Christ our Lord and redeemer. Amen.

Tuesday 19 August 2014
Evening Prayer

Psalms 112 and 113

The first psalm proclaims that the righteous and faithful, those who give generously and stand firm against fear and opposition will receive good things and good reputations.

The second psalm praises God especially for responding to those who are humble and poor and bringing them to sit with princes. There is no other god like this.

Song of Songs 5

The man replies that he is in his garden – there is fragrant spice honey and milk. Again the women dreams that her lover comes, that she goes to him but he is gone and she searches, is found by the city guards and beaten. In her dream her mantle is removed – she is exposed in her love.

When asked by a chorus what makes her beloved so special she describes all his characteristics as if her were a god.

Romans 11: 25 – 36

Paul explains that it is a mystery. He says that Israel will reject Christ until all the people from other countries know Christ as saviour and redeemer. Jews might reject the gospel but they are God’s people through God’s promises to their ancestors. We can never know the ways and mind of God. All we can know is that all things are from God, through God and to God. Paul glorifies God.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Looking from Cape Leuuwin WA towards Africa
 2014 L Osburn
God of mystery and wonder, you love us and want us to come to you. You want us to generously give of ourselves and to know that you will be with us in dark and painful places where we are called on to reveal our love for you. We have faith that you will lift us up. As we reflect on our day help us see that everything is from you, through you and to you, and to praise your glorious name through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen

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