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1 September 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Monday 1 September 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 1 and 2

People who set themselves apart from all the turmoil of the world, who contemplate God, and God’s laws are like trees with good soil and water that bear fruit, don’t wither but prosper. The wicked are like chaff – an empty hull – they will not be with God at the end.

A rhetorical psalm asking why some people think they can break the bond between God and his anointed one (messiah). The psalmist thinks it is laughable. God is all-powerful and the anointed one is his begotten son. God’s power could be used to punish and correct. Let humans be warned to respect God. Those that take refuge in the Lord will be happy.

2 Chronicles 34: 29 – 35: 8

King Josiah calls everyone together at the temple and read the Book of the Law out loud. Josiah commits himself wholeheartedly to fulfil the covenant and asks others to do the same. He removes all sites of worship other then the temple and expects all to worship God. He then arranges for the ark to be properly housed in the temple, the restoration of the order of priests and Levites and a great Passover feast.

Acts 23: 12 – 24

Forty Jews plot to assassinate Paul. One of Paul’s relatives hears and reports to Paul in prison. Paul calls the centurion and asks that the relative be allowed to speak with the tribune. The tribune, hearing the plot, tells the young man to tell no-one that he talked with him. The tribune orders the centurion to prepare soldiers, spearmen and horses for Paul to leave that night for Caesarea and take Paul safely to the Governor, Felix.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Pelican Lake Mulwala NSW
2014 L Osburn

Holy and mighty Lord you love us, support us and protect us when we turn to you, when we put you at the centre of our lives and welcome you into our heart. Be with us today in all we do so that we step out in courage and faith to do your will and love those you love through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Monday 1 September 2014
Evening Prayer

Psalms 3 and 4

People who say that faith in God is pointless surround the psalmist. Yet the psalmist prays and the prayers are answered; sleeps and is sustained by God. There is no fear and the psalmist leaves any reprisals to God.

The psalmist begins by acknowledging God’s grace and comfort in the past and asks for prayers to be answered. The psalmist guides us: when we are upset, we are not to do the wrong thing but take time, ponder what is going on, put aside our self and put our trust in God.  If we want a sign from God, the psalmist recounts that through prayer and right sacrifice the happiness and peace experienced are the real signs of God’s presence.
Tobit 11

Tobias nears home. Raphael urges him to go ahead and prepare his family for the arrival of everyone and to bring the gall for Tobit’s eyes. Anna sees them coming. Tobias uses the gall on Tobit’s eyes and removes the cataracts. Tobit can see and praises God. He goes out to the gate of Nineveh and greets and blesses his daughter-in-law Sarah. There is great praise, blessing and rejoicing.

1 John 1

The writer begins by saying that what is written is evidence-based, directly experienced, so that we may have fellowship with these Christians and with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

The key message is that God is light: pure and clear. If we keep sinning but say we live our lives with God we are have no truth. If we live lives according to God we are in fellowship with each other and are washed clean of sin through Jesus’s sacrifice for us.

We are deceived if we say we have no sin. But when we confess our sins Jesus is faithful and just, forgives us and clears us.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Parrots together at The Abbey (Benedictine) Jamberoo
NSW 2010 L Osburn
Wonderful God in ancient times you healed and supported your faithful people. You have helped them pass on examples of right behaviour, prayer and trust in you. How much more is our joy that you sent your Son Jesus so that we may be restored to your presence and live with you? As we reflect on today help us now to bring to you our concerns and failures so that we may lives our lives with you this night and forever more through Jesus Christ our Lord and redeemer. Amen

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