Saturday, 19 July 2014

20 July 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 20 July 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 80

This psalm is a prayer for deliverance from national enemies. It compared Israel to a vine.

Matthew 12: 43 – 50

Jesus explains that when a person is free of an unclean spirit it is like their house has been cleaned and refurbished. If however the home stays idle and empty, if it is not filled up with better tenants – with a new spirit – the old one will return reinforced and things will be worse than before.

Jesus’s family arrive to see him and he asks “Who is my mother and who are my brothers?” It does not say he rejected his family. Jesus does say that those who believe in him are his disciples and that whoever does God’s will is one of Jesus’s family – He will own us as we own Him.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Stream in the Karri forest
WA 2014 L Osburn

Nurturing, loving God, you deliver and save your faithful ones and restore them to your care. Place your spirit of truth and love in our hearts, fill them full so that all can see by our nature and our actions that we are members of your eternal family doing your will always through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.

Sunday 20 July 2014
Evening Prayer

Genesis 29: 1 – 14

Jacob comes to a well. He speaks with the shepherds there and finds out that his relative Laban is close by and known to them. Laban’s daughter Rachel comes with sheep. Jacob assists with the watering, reveals his identity and that he is kin. Rachel runs to tell the family. Laban comes, greets him and invites him to stay in their home.

Psalm 86: 4 - 13

The psalmist asks God to gladden his soul. The psalmist lifts his soul to God. Praise and honour are awarded to God and the psalmist asks to walk in truth and to have a heart for God alone. Thanks are given to God for steadfast love.

Romans 9: 30 – 10: 4

The people of other nations have attained righteousness through faith but those who seek righteousness based on good works and their adherence to the law fail to achieve it. The law, though good is a stumbling block to faith.

Righteousness doesn’t come from our actions. It is a gift from God. Those who try to work for righteousness are not submitting themselves to God. Christ makes righteousness available for all. The law finds its end in Christ.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Suspension bridge
Karri forest WA 2014 L Osburn
Holy and almighty God, when we trust in you, when we place our hearts and minds in your hands you lead us to our best future and in the path of righteousness. Everyday, be with us as we lift our souls to you and thank you for the saving presence of Jesus your Son our Lord and the sustaining power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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