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18 July 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 18 July 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 41 and 44: 1 - 9

The psalmist is ill, mortally ill. The psalmist’s enemies are happy and a close friend has walked away. This is a plea for healing and restoration.

This portion of the psalm reminds us of God’s actions in nation building and protecting the people in wars. They do not go into battle trusting in their own abilities but in God. And yet, now they have suffered a defeat.

Amos 4

Amos prophesies against those who live in excess and oppress others, those who love to be seen to be pious and who broadcast their sacrifices, and those who do not turn back to God even when there is drought, pestilence, war or famine. Amos prophesies therefore that since Israel is not prepared to turn back to God they need to prepare to meet God and God’s full force the same force that formed the mountains and created the wind.

John 6: 16 – 34

Jesus is still up the mountain and the day ends. The disciples get in a boat and go across the lake to Capernaum. They row out for 3-4 miles, the weather becomes rough and they see Jesus walking on the water. He identifies himself and they are about to take him on board when they find they are already at the shore.

The crowd that remained behind knew there had only been one boat and that the disciples had gone. When boats come near from another town people board to follow the disciples. They find Jesus.

They ask Jesus how he managed to get across the lake and for signs. Jesus challenges them that they just want more material things and should seek the food that lasts. They are to believe in him who God has sent. Again they ask for a sign, a miracle. Jesus says that Moses did not feed the people in the wilderness, God did. All the signs are God’s actions. God sends the true bread into the world.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Denmark WA
2014 L Osburn
 God of relationship and connection, you want us to be with you and give us opportunity after opportunity to come to you not for what we can get materially but for real and abiding sustenance. Your greatest gift to us is Jesus. Give us the wisdom and openness today to take in the saving grace of Jesus. Let us feel that nourishment so that we may be a sign to others of your great love, through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.

Friday 18 July 2014
Evening Prayer

Psalm 44: 10 – 27

The psalmist gives voice to the despair felt following defeat, slaughter of the people, oppression and scattering. The people suffer because they are faithful to God. They are still faithful and yet God does not appear to be answering. This is a lament.

Ezekiel 22: 1 – 22 (23 – 31)

Ezekiel declares God’s judgement on Jerusalem. There is in Jerusalem violence, oppression, incest, extortion the list goes on. God commands that the city be put to fire as dross is put in a smelter and comes out pure refined metal. Jerusalem is about to be destroyed.

Romans 1: 1 – 15

Paul introduces himself and his message and greets the Romans. Paul acknowledges the Romans’ faith and hopes to come to see them both to encourage them and be encouraged by them. He explains that he has learned from people of other nations – Greeks and barbarians – thus showing that he will listen to them genuinely.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Pelicans Denmark WA
2014 L Osburn
Holy Lord your faithful people of every age love you even though hardship and trial. Save us from times of trial and deliver through evil. Bring us safely to you and to your side so that we may be an encouragement to others through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

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